HesuAgue2I have been passionately studying and practicing the art of muscle testing for twenty years. In the process of healing patients ranging from world class athletes, to babies and elderly, and everyone in between, I have developed a simpler yet more comprehensive version of a system called Clinical Kinesiology (CK). As one of five advanced CK practitioners in the world, I have constructed the Whitten Method, a powerful healing system that can be taught in a short duration of time.

In my studies at Parker Chiropractic College, I was fascinated with the art of healing and graduated magna cum laude. Continuing my studies, I worked with some of the foremost doctors in the field of wellness and integrative medicine, learning everything I could about the core of healing. Throughout the past twenty years, I have synthesized this vast knowledge into a total health system that works with individual patients on every level and have titled it the Whitten Method.

When I first learned that human beings have the brain capacity of 20 super computers but that we can only use a small percentage of this power I became intrigued. I have always been perplexed how humans, who are supposedly so brilliant and have almost unlimited potential, are struggling and living so far below this potential. I wanted to figure out how to unlock my own highest abilities so I could have amazing levels of health and do anything I wanted, clear out my fears so my mind was always at peace, heal my heart so I could love fully, and learn how to use my talents to manifest abundance in a way that made a major contribution to humanity and was in alignment with my life’s purpose. So I’ve spent hours a day for over two decades developing and applying the methods I’ve discovered for doing just this. Now I am teaching these techniques in a system called the Whitten Method.

My greatest desire is to offer people the tools to take control of their health. Kinesiology is a very simple technique for accessing all the wisdom that is already inside of everyone so they can make the decisions that are right for them and stop giving their power away to doctors and the financially motivated healthcare system. At its basic level the Whitten Method can be learned to fix common ailments, determine the factors needed to return the body to a state of radiant health and vitality, and clear the charged emotional traumas that keep one from feeling completely alive, empowered and excited about their life. At the Advanced levels we can use the Whitten Method to access the Full Potential, become reality hackers and manifest the life we truly desire.