The Whitten Method was born out of two basic desires:
First, to design the most complete and effective system of healing in the world and second, to simplify the learning process for those who want to become healers.

As a chiropractor in Santa Barbara, I had an opportunity to experience many healing techniques. I was left with the feeling that chiropractors, acupuncturists and other practitioners were only scratching the surface of what is possible for giving the public a profound level of healthcare. 

What I saw was that the art and science of true healing was in its infancy. Chiropractors were ignoring nutritional and emotional imbalances. They had no tools for healing these issues. 

The techniques I had studied were extremely complex, taking years to master, and only achieved superficial results. They had no method for prioritizing the imbalances and failed to address many of the factors that affect peoples’ health.

I wanted to offer something radically better.

WM is a revolutionary breakthrough in the healing arts.

Since 1999 I have practiced chiropractic in Santa Barbara, where I have perfected a totally unique system of healing. The Whitten Method is a revolutionary breakthrough in the healing art of kinesiology. It is a completely “patient-driven” method that goes far beyond the scope of a regular chiropractor. What this means is that the patient’s body chooses (through kinesiology) the modalities it needs and is ready to receive. In this way, the innate wisdom of the patient controls the entire healing process down to the minute detail. As the practitioner, I simply listen to the innate intelligence and deliver the structural, nutritional, and energetic therapies that the body ‘requests’. In this way the body is brought into perfect balance and heals quickly and efficiently.


The advances the WM has made in being able to detect and correct structural problems, such as subtle misalignments, muscle spasms, disc bulges and tears, fascial restrictions, abnormal rhythms in cranial sutures and many others, are too numerous and detailed to discuss here. It has been my passion for over 20 years to be able to repair and restore the human frame naturally so that we can enjoy the experience of living in our body far into our advanced years. Helping people remain or become highly functional and pain-free is a challenge so great in this nation where most people require multiple drugs just to function on a daily basis and chronic pain is the norm.

When it comes to doing chiropractic adjustments, the WM takes it many steps further than anything being done today. First, through kinesiology we can detect subluxations (spinal misalignments) that are missed by simple palpation. Second, we are able to determine if a bone is ready to be adjusted and with how much force. Third, we can find if there is an emotional component to the adjustment and identify which emotion is locked up in the spine (fear, anger, sadness etc.), so the adjustment is emotionally healing as well as physically. Fourth, we are able to prioritize the adjustments the body wants to be done and in which order. Like dominos, if you adjust the priority vertebra many of the other bones self-correct.

It is important to know when soft tissue problems need to be addressed before trying to adjust. When there are soft tissue problems we can determine if massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy or adhesion removal is needed. All this is done very comfortably and completely, and restores the joints and tissues to normal, pain-free range of motion.


It is impossible to enjoy great health with the standard American diet. The few chiropractors that even attempt to address the nutritional and biochemical aspect of health generally just recommend a multivitamin or something non-specific. Those who take seminars in muscle testing often learn to check whether an organ is weak and recommend a more specific nutritional product. The limitation with this approach is that biochemical issues are often not related to a specific organ or gland. Biochemical problems can either be about an organ, an organ system (digestive system, nervous system, immune system etc.) or the entire body (ie. dehydration or Vitamin C deficiency).

With the WM, we ask the body if the primary issue is an organ, organ system or systemic (whole body). We then ask if the problem should be addressed through diet or supplements. If it is a systemic imbalance, we test whether it is a nutritional deficiency, toxicity, an allergy, infection or inflammatory issue. This expanded inquiry enables the body to choose the approach that truly handles the root cause.

For problems that call for dietary changes we test whether it is about adding or removing a food (or both). We can then test for food sensitivities. Then we test to see if they are getting adequate amounts and the right types of protein, fats, greens, sunlight etc. If food addictions to things like sugar are the issue these can be handled by our emotional and energetic work.


The greatest contribution the WM has made to the healing arts is bringing surgical precision to the intangible world of energy healing. Every emotion, psychological challenge and traumatic event remains in the cells as a unique vibration. To clear this negative energy and reclaim our full clarity, happiness and confidence we must match this energy and eliminate it through the principle of wave cancellation. When we apply the mirror image of the negative frequency, at the exact location that the energy is stored in the body, the disturbance is permanently neutralized.

Those involved in emotional healing often study techniques such as Tapping, Reiki and chiropractic systems like Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). These methods make only superficial changes that don’t penetrate to the depths of the subconscious psyche. Besides the WM, the most powerful and remarkable energy healing system I have found is Theta Healing. The WM, however, goes far beyond even Theta Healing and clears trauma from past lives, ancestral patterns and even quantum dimensional realms in addition to working on past, present and future issues. Additionally, the WM quickly and systematically unravels the complex inter-relationships that exist between the physical and energetic bodies. The person is left feeling completely whole and in harmony with themselves and the world around them.