Exercise Training With Kinesiology

Life is great when you feel great!

Growing up as an athlete, I never heard of core training, stabilizer muscles, “vibrational plates” or kettle bells. (Even in chiropractic school we didn’t learn about these things). Nautilus machines were in fashion and that’s what we trained with. When I go in the gym today, however, very few people seem to be aware of the latest concepts in exercise training. Guys are still pumping up the biceps and women are crunching away at the abs. However, there are much better ways to get results.

Recently I have turned my muscle testing attention to the question “How would my body exercise if given a choice”? The applications for kinesiology are as endless as the imagination. If the goal is to create a body that not only looks good but is also highly functional, proportional and resistant to injury, how would we go about attaining that? With muscle testing I get yes/no answers to statements or questions. The first question I ask is “does my body want to exercise now?” If I get a “yes” (muscle tests strong), I go through my list of possible exercises. The basic list is as follows:

1. Stretching  2. Cardio  3. Chest  4. Arms  5. Upper back  6. Shoulders  7. Low back  8. Core  9. Glutes  10. Legs  11. Lats (pull-ups)  12. Neck muscles


The testing will tell me the one area of the body is most in need of attention. It is basically my “weak link”. After doing a couple sets of exercises in that area, I re-test to see if I should do more or if I’ve done enough. In this way I’m really listening to my body and giving it just what it wants and not too much. Once I’m done with those exercises, I muscle test for the next area that wants to be worked. These workouts usually last about 20 minutes and cover 3 or 4 areas of the body.

I have been surprised, in the few weeks I’ve been experimenting with this technique, that my body wants to work certain areas much more that others. Almost every day I personally test for doing low back and core strengtheners and almost never “chest”, which is my strongest area. If you would like to be tested at my chiropractic clinic to see how you should be training, we can set up a 15-minute evaluation to make sure you are making the most of your workouts and not just working hard but smart. In addition, we can test and see what forms of exercise are best for you (yoga, swimming, cycling, hiking etc.) In the end, exercise should be fun, or at least not torture. When I go surfing I’m having so much fun I don’t even realize I’m getting an incredible workout at the same time.

Have fun in all you do!

Hesu Whitten DC


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