Measuring Our Success With HRV

If you’ve visited our office in the past three months, you’ve probably been led upstairs, laid on the massage table with a heart rate monitor strapped to you, and received our computerized heart rate variability (HRV) test. HRV is an exciting way to measure the fitness of your heart and nervous system. It was originally designed to determine life expectancy in cardiac patients because it graphically reveals the nervous system becoming less and less responsive as people’s bodies are shutting down. The great news is that in our office, it’s simply used as a gauge to determine your heath level so that we can improve and assure that you live a longer, healthier life!

HRV essentially measures the time between heart beats and displays this on a graph. In healthy individuals, the heart rate varies considerably in a rhythmic pattern. Generally, as we exhale, the heart rate should slow down, and vice versa. So, the HRV graph in healthy individuals is very spikey and shows a high degree of variability in the heart rate. The less healthy the person, the less variation in the heart rate.
At our holistic chiropractic clinic, we like to get a baseline score and test again in about six weeks. By balancing people nutritionally, clearing their emotional stress, and removing interference to the nervous system through adjustments, we can observe the HRV graphs improve. This shows the body is getting healthier, stronger, and more adaptable. It also means that the body is getting physiologically younger, more efficient, and less prone to stress and disease.

I have been searching for an objective measurement system that can confirm that my patients are getting profoundly healthier. Heart rate variability gives us reproducible and reliable feedback about your state of overall wellness. As we remove toxins, nutritionally support depleted organs, balance the hormones, and heal whatever is out of balance, it is very gratifying to see the results right there on the screen.

If you haven’t been for a visit lately, feel free to come in and get evaluated!


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