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Whether you suffer from Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Sleep Issues, Fatigue, Headaches, or Hormonal problems, our powerfully effective approach is customized to meet your unique needs. Don’t waste another dollar on getting temporary relief with other therapies!

For the past 20 years we have been on the cutting edge of the holistic healing world, refining and improving our techniques for handling the most challenging cases.

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Human beings are composed of three primary components: structural, biochemical, and energetic, which affect one another.
Using a system of priority, The Whitten Method works with all three aspects of the whole being to remove any obstacles to healing.


When we align the vertebrae, level the pelvis  and remove all muscle tension, the whole body drops into a synchronous rhythm and movement becomes flowing and effortless. People say they feel taller, breathe easier and experience a dramatic reduction in pain. Each body holds tension and trauma in a unique pattern. By reading your body, through muscle testing, we can undo these holding patterns and bring about a state of perfect, relaxed alignment.


Once the art of muscle testing is mastered it gives extremely accurate information regarding what a body needs for optimal health. We can determine the foods your body can and cannot tolerate. We can design your perfect diet and recommend the most beneficial supplements. Allergies and chemical imbalances cause so many aggravating symptoms. When these are corrected, energy levels skyrocket, sleep problems disappear, and the mood becomes stable and positive.



To live in a body that is at ease and free from mental and emotional tension is the pinnacle of life mastery. The Whitten Method clears the emotional patterns, traumas, and blockages that prevent a person from achieving a state of complete serenity and ease. Through muscle testing we can determine the precise frequency of any negative emotion and locate where it is trapped in the body. By finding the matching (antidote) frequency, we can cancel the disturbance and clear it from the cellular memory.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Lalana R.

I had pretty severe DAILY lower back pain for over 3 years and was seeing other bodyworkers, but couldn't get any relief. I came to Dr. Whitten at a time when I had almost given up & really didn't know what to do. I attended one of his talks on muscle-testing & kinesiology and I intuitively knew right away that he was someone who would be able to help me. Thank goodness I was right! I really felt like he was a 'god-send' & I am eternally grateful! I am sincerely impressed with his subtle ability to instantly tune-in, identify multi-layered issues & take the necessary steps towards assisting full healing and holistic integration. Potent medicine indeed for those who prefer a lifestyle of 'thriving' over 'surviving!' I recommend Dr. Whitten to anybody interested in rising above pain~ and taking their health and/or healing practice to another level!

Wayne M.

Thanks again for going out of your way this morning for me. There is so much more to just giving adjustments, you are a healer on a truely profound level. And such a large and giving heart. I feel very fortunate that I get to experience and share a little portion of that.
Thanks again! Love and Light

Kamala F.

I have been seeing Dr. Whitten for almost 4 years now. His gifts are unexplainable. One of the most powerful, intuitive doctors I have ever worked with. He energetically tunes me back into myself, releasing all dimensions, all lives, all universes, whatever is holding me back or blocking my true abundant's just so hard to explain what he does. He is so powerful that when he is in the room with you, he already knows what needs to be adjusted. He already feels what is going on inside. He adjusts parts of my body that no other chiro has been able to do. Super grateful for him and the work he does. He will blow your mind!

Brent K.

While we go through our daily lives and various events impact us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it can take a toll on our overall health and we just want to hit the reset button.  Each session I have with Dr. Whitten leaves me feeling charged and balanced on multiple levels.  I am so blessed to have come across this man and experience his authentic healing.  His demeanor is always comforting, welcoming and non-judgmental.  Thank you Dr. Whitten for sharing your gift!!

Melissa L.

Dr. Whitten worked on both myself and my 16-year-old daughter. He has a comprehensive system that he uses that uses muscle testing to guide treatment. He says that each person's own body knows full well what it needs, and his job is to access that internal knowledge. I was a bit skeptical - but the results spoke much louder than any doubts I might have. He was also able to easily adjust parts of my spine that other chiropractors have struggled to get at effectively (because I have scoliosis that makes my upper back difficult to adjust with standard techniques).
My daughter is a ballet dancer - very accomplished - she takes class and rehearses 15+ hours a week. She had been complaining for some time about issues in her foot, knee, and hip. ONE SESSION was all it took to iron out whatever kinks were troubling her. We were being told she'd need lots of physical therapy...I was worried about the cost...but this single 20-minute session seemed to take care of the issue well enough for her to dive back into her usual schedule (she'd been sitting out, having to use ice, etc.)
Highly recommend this gifted healer.

Mark F.

Hesu is the best chiropractor I've had the pleasure of visiting. I have always left his office feeling lighter and more aligned, and his service has been genuine. His self-developed method  is indicative of his talent, research, and practice. I would recommend Hesu to anyone and everyone!

Hyla Cass, MD/Author

Dr. Whitten is an outstanding chiropractor and healer. He uses unique methods to both diagnose and treat the whole body, far beyond standard chiropractic care. It may seem unusual but he really does do the job. I've seen him help to resolve issues that individuals have had for years, myself included. I can recommend him unequivocally.

Liz G.

I walked into a light filled room and was instantly happy I'd made the appointment although I didn't know I would respond so well . . . I have to say it is quite amazing work.  After having some difficult dental work, my neck seemed out of alignment which is why I sought out help. Having Dr. Whitten work on me did in fact make my neck feel better and it doesn't end there. The work he does takes into account not only structural and chemical but also emotional and energetic aspects which allows the healing process to gently come into play.  I haven't felt "quite right" for several months and I look forward to my next session and continued healing and I recommend seeing Dr. Whitten straight away as everyone can benefit from his well honed and truly masterful technique.

Charlene S.

Dr. Whitten is the best holistic chiropractic healer I have ever encountered!! I was referred to him by a friend to help with my adrenal fatigue.  He uses clinical kinesiology to tune into you holistically.  Over the course of 5 months, my health was back to almost 100% in every area of wellness (Structurally, Nutritionally, Toxicity, Energetically and Fit level). Every time I walked away from a session, I felt immense gratitude for Dr. Whitten because I experienced such a great amount of healing in a short time. I highly recommend him for any issue you may be experiencing in your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual body.  He is the best!!