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Are you ready to take your healing practice to the next level? Purchasing this option will guarantee your spot in the next WM Basic Series In-Person Course – which is currently being held in:

Santa Barbara, CA
9:30 AM. – 4:30 PM daily on:
October 1, Sat. (Module 1)
October 2, Sun. (Module 2)
October 15-16 Sat-Sun. (Module 3)

The remainder of the cost will depend on whether you take all 3 Modules (995.00 total), and whether you prefer a payment plan or a one-time fee. Dr. Whitten will call or email you to work this out!

Unsure if this is the option for you? Click Here For WM Class Information!

Product Description

The Whitten Method is the most complete muscle-testing system for deeply and pro-
foundly healing the body, mind and Spirit. The three modalities work together to form a breakthrough in precision healing… far surpassing any other kinesiology system on the planet.

This unique system allows you to dissolve pain, balance body chemistry, remove emotional blocks, and more. Never has it been easier to become a master healer!


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