About the Whitten Method

The basis for the Whitten Method is a simple premise: the body’s intelligence knows exactly what it needs to heal physically and emotionally.

The job of the practitioner is to listen to what the body is requesting and deliver the therapies as precisely as possible. When this process is perfected, the body/mind functions incredibly efficiently and is able not only to heal itself but also reconnect to its potential to be creative, happy, and deeply relaxed.

Muscle testing is a way to listen to the innate intelligence of either yourself or another person. It's a feedback system; a tool for accessing intuitive information. Some see it as a way to receive the requests that the body is transmitting.

Through these videos you will learn how to muscle test in the proper way.* Once you know how to get yes/no answers from the body (this takes some time to perfect), you can apply the technique to correcting structural, biochemical, and energetic imbalances. The muscle testing will guide you, through a simple flow chart, to the source of the issue and the therapies needed to correct it.

This work seeks to return us to low-tech healing. No gadgets, computers, or machines other than our own hands and our ability to trust our muscle testing guidance. This is the biggest challenge for most adults, as we have lost confidence in ourselves. We often look for an authority or computer to validate our findings. This then becomes a healing journey for us as practitioners as well, as you learn to trust your own authority.

*Most videos on muscle testing use techniques which will not be consistent and reliable.