The Whitten Method

Basic Series

The basis for the Whitten Method is a simple premise:

The body’s intelligence knows exactly what it needs to heal physically and emotionally.
The basic premise of kinesiology is to connect with the Innate Intelligence of the patient and allow it to guide our work as healers. Muscle testing is actually misnamed. We are not "testing" muscles. We are using muscles to test 'electric flow on the nerves'. The Quest for a purely 'Patient-driven System'.

Whitten Method
Basic Series

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About this course

Originally I taught the work as a 4-day course broken into 3 Modules. Now I have the modules recorded so you can learn the material at your own pace and re-watch parts that you need to see over.

Features 50 Lesson Videos

15 Topic Quizzes to test comprehension

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed the videos and taken the quizzes you will receive a Whitten Method Certificate and be certified as a WM practitioner.

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By popular request, we've broken the Whitten Method Basic Series into independent modules that you can access one at a time as your schedule and budget permits.

Module 1: Structural

Basic Series

Module One teaches the finer points for doing reliable, consistent muscle testing. We then apply the testing to correcting structural issues (spinal misalignments and soft tissue problems). This covers how to find and correct fascial restrictions, adhesions, trigger points and places requiring massage. We also touch on non-force correction of spinal subluxations.

15 Lessons

16 Topics

5 Quizzes

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Module 2: Biochemical

Basic Series
Module Two teaches you how to evaluate biochemical imbalances and determine the optimal way to correct the problem through diet or supplements. You learn how to evaluate diet, hydration, food intolerances, assess the organs and organ systems, and determine the body’s highest priorities.

14 Lessons

15 Topics

6 Quizzes

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Module 3: Energetic

Basic Series
Module Three involves correcting energetic disturbances: stress, trauma, core emotional issues, limiting beliefs. It is the most advanced system for healing subtle energetic issues. You learn to evaluate the location of an energetic stressor and find the optimal modality for canceling the vibrational disturbance permanently.

19 Lessons

22 Topics

5 Quizzes

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